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10th Value based Questions for SA-II by JSUNIL TUTORIAL

The Board has decided to assess students for 5 percent weighting in each subject at the Summative Assessment level in Classes IX and X through questions which will be integrated with the content of the subject and analysed on the basis of the values it reflects. The questions will be for 5 marks in a question paper of 100 marks and 3-4 marks in a question paper of 70-90 marks. This will be effective from the Summative Assessments-II 2012-2013 in classes IX, X

The sample value based questions deal with the life skills and values attained by students like Self Awareness, Empathy, Critical thinking, Creative Thinking, Decision Making, Problem Solving, effective Communication, Interpersonal Relationships, Coping with Stress and Coping with Anger, and Dealing With Emotions.

Additional Support Material on Value Based Questions for the Session 2012-2013

SA – II Subject: Mathematics Class : X


Questions 1. Ram asks the labour to dig a well upto a depth of 10 metre. Labour charges Rs. 150 for first metre and Rs. 50 for each subsequent metres. As labour was uneducated, he claims Rs. 550 for the whole work. What should be the actual amount to be paid to the labours? What value of Ram is depicted in the question if he pays Rs. 600 to the labour?

2. Nidhi saves Rs. 2 on first day of the month, Rs. 4 on second day, Rs. 6 on third day and so on. What will be her saving in the month of Feb. 2012? What value is depicted by Nidhi?

3. 200 logs are stacked such that 20 logs are in the bottom row, 19 in the next row, 18 in the row next to it and so on. In how many rows are the 200 logs placed? What value is depicted in the pattern of logs?

4. How many two digit numbers are there in between 6 and 102 which are divisible by 6. Ram calculated it by using A.P. while Shyam calculated it directly. Which value is depicted by Ram?

5. In a school, students thought of planting trees in an around the school to reduce air pollution. It was decided that the number of trees, that each section of each class will plant, will be the same as the class, in which they are studying e.g. a section of class-I will plant 1 tree, a section of class II will plant 2 trees and so on till class XII. There are three sections of each class. How many trees will 

be planted by the students? What value can you infer from the planting the trees?

6. Rs. 9000 were divided equally among a certain number of students. Amit was given the responsibility of dividing this amount among the students but 20 more students admitted to the school. Now each students got Rs. 160 less. Find the original number of students? What value of Amit is depicted in the question?

7. By a reduction of Rs. 2 per kg in the price of sugar, Anita can purchase 2 Kg sugar more for Rs. 224. Find the original price of sugar per kg. What value of Anita is depicted in the question?

8. CBSE 2013

9.CBSE 2013

Q.10.If all the wastes we generate is biodegradable, what effect will this have on the environment ? What value will be imbibed if people are made to understand that generation of waste should be restricted to be biodegradable only ? CBSE 2013

 a. They release CFCs that deplete ozone layer.
b. Green plants are our green lungs and water purifying systems.
c. Yes, they are trying to protect the environment.
d. Food chain is disrupted and drastic climatic changes occur. Major part of biota is lost.

Q.11.In a colony, it was decided to remove a green park and construct an air conditioned shopping mall. Children of the colony took out a march against this decision with several placards to make the colony people aware of the importance of green plants. CBSE 2013
a. What are the ill effects of air conditioners?
b. Design two placards which the children would have carried?
c. Is the action taken by the children justified?
d. How does the ecosystem get affected when plants are removed?

(a) It will lead to eco friendly environment, waste product would be converted into re-usable form.
(b) Mutual respect to health and environment conservation.

Q.14. In our society we often come across the abnormal behaviour  of people using alcohol ALCOHOL is a very useful solvent and is also used in  medicines. The people who use alcohol suffer from many diseases of liver and brain . The whole family of such people suffers.

(a) What are the harmful affects of alcohol ? How family life of drunkards suffer ?

(b) What initiatives would you take to make people aware of the harmful affects of alcohol? Write three points . 

Ans:(a) Conduct awareness programme in society, educate people and

(b )Alochol if used by people in excessive amount can cause harmful chronic diseases . The whole family suffers as the economic and social status of such people suffers.

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