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Biology class IX Ch-07. Diversity in Living Organisms

Diversity in Living Organisms solved CBSE Paper-5

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Very Answer type Questions [1 mark each]  

1.State the phylum to which centipede and prawn belong. (Board 2013)

Answer: Arthropoda.         

2. In which kingdom would you place an organism which is single called, eukaryotic and photo-
synthetic? (Board 2013)

Answer:  Protista.

3.Rewrite the scientific name correctly : (i) panthera tigris (ii) periplaneta Americana. (Board 2012., 

Answer:  (i) Panthers tign's  (ii) Periplaneta americana.

4.Name the term which is used for the following

(i) The left and right halves of the body have the same design.

(ii) Animal tissue defferentiate from the three embryonic germ layers. (Board 2012, 501005; 47023)

Answer:  (i) Bilaterally symmetrical. (ii) Triploblastic.       

5.Name the phylum to which Prawn and Centipede belong. (Board 2012, SC-1008; 47001,) 

Answer:  Arthropoda.

6. Mention the function and location of notochord.

Answer:  Functionn—lt provides a place for muscle to attach for ease of movement.

Location—runs along the back of the animal separating the nervous tissue from the gut.

7. State the phylum to which Antedon (feather star ] and Asterias (Starfish) belong. (Board 2012,  501010)

Answer:  Echinodermata.

8.Mention any one characteristic feature of saprophytes. (Board 2012, 47005)

Answer:  They have cell wall made of tough compare sugars called chitin.

9.Which in your opinion is more basic characteristics for classifying organism - the place where they  live in or the kind of cells they are made of ? (Board 2012, 501006)

Answer:  The kind of cells the organisms are made of.

10. Write the name of phylum to which Hydra and Sea anemone belong.- (Board 2012, 47017)

Answer:  Coelenterata.

11. Name the phylum to which Leech and Earthworm belong. (Board 2012, 47004 }

Answer:  Annelida.

12. Name a division of plants which can be classified as cryptogarnae. (Board 2012, 47010}

Answer:  Pteridophyta / Thallophyta / Bryophyta. (Any one)

13. State the system in poriferans that heips in circulating water throughout the body to bring in food and oxygen. (Board 2012, SC-1011}

Answer:  Canal System

14. Write an example of the species which belong to this phylum and lives in colonies.

Answer:  Corals.

15. Name the phylum to which Octopus and Unio belong ?  (Board 2012, 4700}

Answer:  Mollusca.

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