Wednesday, December 17, 2014

CBSE Class 11 Students to get Separate Certificate for PSA

The PSA exam will be conducted for class 11 in the month of January-February 2013. In class IX this test will take place FA-IV (10 marks) but there is no semester system or FA-IV in class 11. Hence CBSE has issued a circular to clarify this situation.
As mentioned in the earlier circulars, the Problem Solving Assessment score will be counted towards FA-4 of class-IX.  This same score will be reflected in one language (English or Hindi), Mathematics, Science and Social Science. Regular FA-4 will be conducted in the other language.
Since there is no FA-4 in class-XI, the students will be given a separate certificate in respect of their score obtained in PSA.
The choice of one language for PSA will be take jointly by students and school authorities.
No separate registration for PSA is required. Students already registered for class IX and XI with the Board are eligible for this test and will use same registration number for PSA. There is no separate roll number required for this purpose.
The Board will make the question paper for PSA available to every school approximately one week before the actual date of examination. The number of question papers to be sent to any school will be in accordance with the total number of students registered for classes IX and XI.
There will be a single question paper covering qualitative reasoning, quantitative reasoning and language conventions as per the details given in the earlier circulars. The OMR answer sheet to be used for answering the questions will be kept inside the question paper booklet. Sample question paper for PSA will be made available on Board’s website by last week of November, 2012. You may download this material and make it available to all concerned.
Similarly, every student of class-XI will get same question paper, irrespective of the subject combination he/she is offering. However, this question paper will be different from the question paper used for class-IX.

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