Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CBSE Class 12 Entrepreneurship eBook Download PDF

CBSE has issued class 12 entrepreneurship complete course eBook in PDF format for free download. The book is designed as per latest syllabus and marking scheme. Class 12 Entrepreneurship is a new subject. Development of school curriculum is a dynamic process responsive to the society and reflecting the needs and aspiration of its learners. Fast changing society deserves changes in educational curriculum particularly to establish relevance to
emerging socio-economic environment; to ensure equity of opportunity and participation and finally promoting concern for excellence. In this context the course on entrepreneurship aims at instilling and stimulating  human urge for excellence by realizing individual potential for generating and putting to use the inputs, relevant to social prosperity and thereby ensure decent means of living for every individual.
• Acquiring Entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness
• Familiarization with various uses of human resource for earning dignified means of living
• Understanding the concept and process of entrepreneurship – its contribution in and role in the growth and development of individual and the nation
• Acquiring entrepreneurial quality, competency and motivation
• Learning the process and skills of creation and management of entrepreneurial venture
The revised edition of Entrepreneurship Class XII textbook incorporates new chapters that introduce students to market dynamics and encourage their latent entrepreneurial skills through project work. The revision aims at providing some more background information, case studies, activities and new templates to help the students attain a better understanding of higher-order concepts that are being dealt with in greater depth in the syllabus of class XII.
The CBSE’s Entrepreneurship curriculum for classes XI and XII, stands out for its strong dynamism, continuous evolution and development. Since 2001, the curriculum has been changed by adopting the functional approach. In the current climate of psychological, social and economic changes, society is influenced by explosive knowledge creation and exponential technology growth. Thus the need to modify and infuse changes in the Entrepreneurship Curriculum at +2 level is a necessary step in the upgradation and updation of the existing curriculum.
The course aims at providing the basic concepts of entrepreneurship, thereby equipping the students with entrepreneurial values, attitudes, motivation and competencies so that they can pursue a career that also calls for creativity and innovation. To accelerate the pace of development of our economy, we need, more entrepreneurs who generate wealth and job opportunities for the country. Infact the entire world needs ‘job providers’.
The increasing use of the internet also impacts on our objectives to give our learners a greater autonomy in their learning and enabling differentiated instruction, and, its transformational impact on the teaching methods and deployment of assessment tools, consistent with those objectives. At +2 level, students begin to contemplate and introspect on their choice of subjects for higher studies. For some students, this stage may be the end of their formal education, leading to the world of work and employment; for others, the foundation for higher education. They may choose either a specialized academic course or job oriented vocational courses. Entrepreneurship would equip them with the necessary skills to make a meaningful contribution towards their personal and professional growth in future.
The revised edition of Entrepreneurship incorporates new chapters that introduce students to market dynamics and encourage their hidden entrepreneurial skills. The revision aims at providing some background information, case studies, activities, new templates and basic concepts to help the students attain a better understanding of higher-order concepts that are being dealt with in greater detail in the curriculum of class XII.

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