Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CBSE Class-12 Physics Question Paper 2014 with Solution

Download CBSE class-12 Physics question paper with solution for the annual exam conducted in March 2014. The Question paper, marking scheme and answers are given under this download.
All sets of CBSE class 12 Physics question paper 2014 are available for download. There are 3 sets of question papers for Delhi, 3 sets for Outside Delhi, 3 sets for Manipur re-exam and 3 sets for exam conducted in foreign exam centres. Thus there are 12 sets for question papers for class-12 Physics held in March 2014 for the session 2013-14.
To download these question papers, visit myCBSEguide.com Here.
We are adding more question papers soon for class-12. Question papers for class-10 (SA-2) have already been updated. These can be accessed under class-10 section.

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