Sunday, December 21, 2014

CBSE Formative Assessment Manuals released for Teachers’ Feedback

CBSE asking feedback from the teachers and schools on the formative assessment manuals prepared for CCE class 9 and class 10.
Feedback for Formative Assessment Manuals For Teachers for classes IX and X. We are receiving valuable inputs from the teachers on the Manuals for class X . Encouraged by the response and suggestions given by the
teachers the board seeks same kind of contribution for Formative Assessment Manuals for Teachers for both the classes. You are requested to kindly get the feedback form filled by the teachers of your school who are taking
class IX and class X, in their respective subjects. The Board welcomes the suggestions and thanks the teachers in advance for sharing their thoughts  with us. We appreciate the time and effort put in to provide feedback to us.

For details visit :
Class 10
Class 09
Feedback for Formative Assessment Manuals (Hindi) for Teachers for class IX & class X
Class IX Part: A    |    Class IX Part: B      ||      Class X Part: A    |    Class X Part: B

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