Tuesday, December 9, 2014

CBSE PSA to give you 80 marks against 60 mark Question Paper

CBSE has clearly mentioned that whatever marks you are going to get in class-9 PSA exam, it will be carried forward towards FA-4 in class-10 too. Means the marks obtained in class-9 PSA will be counted in both class-9 FA-4 and class-10 FA-4.
Thus, if your average in class-9 PSA is 6.5 out of 10, the same will be reflected in both FA-4 (class 9 and class-10) in four subjects as below :
Your PSA Marks : 39 out of 60 (in class-9)
Your average Marks out of 10 : [(39/60)*10]= 6.5 marks
SubjectsClass-9 FA-4 (10 Marks)Class-10 FA-4 (10 Marks)
Any one language6.56.5
Social Science6.56.5
 In case you manage to get full marks in PSA your score will be 40 Marks in class-9 and 40 Marks in class-10, total 80 Marks for 60 mark question paper. 
In other words, the 60-mark PSA exam can give you 80 marks (40 marks in class-9 and 40 marks in class-10).
The FA-4 marks for second language (which is not opted in PSA) will be given by the school, based on activities conducted for FA-4 in that language.
If you apply for PSA improvement in class-10, the best score will reflect in your grade card.
The student who is absent on the date of conduct of PSA in class IX may appear in class X along with Improvement candidates.
It is observed that most of the students ignore the importance of marks obtained in PSA test as this 60 marks test is rounded to 10 marks in class-9 FA-4. Means the myth is fight for 60 marks actually gives you mark out of 10 only.
But the real fact is, these marks are also counted towards the FA-4 in class-10 too. However, you are given a chance to improve your PSA result in class-10 but it is much better to prepare well and get good marks in class-9 itself. While studying in class-10, you have many other assignments and you may not give proper attention to PSA improvement exam that time.
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