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Class IX original Board paper Science Summative -2 for 2013-14[code-7RL2FCZ]

Time: 3-3and1/2 hr _ Max mark: 100 [includes 10 marks based on Open Text Theme]

Test held in School:
Sadhana Devi Vidyapith, Samastipur - Punjabi Colony [By JSunil]

1 mark

1. As per the law of definite proportional carbon and oxygen combine in ratio 3: 8. Compute the mass of oxygen gas that would be required to react completely with 6 gm carbon.

2. A pore bearing organism like creature “A” belong to a phylum “B” of kingdom Animalia.

3. In which reason is soil erosion very difficult to revert.

2 marks

4. Explain, What is Organ specific manifestation?

5. A man drops a stone of mass 2 kg room the top of a building of height 15m when it reaches the ground, find its kinetic energy.

6. When an object is immersed in the fluid name the two forces acting on it.

3 marks

7. (a) The mass number of an element is 18. It contains 7 electrons. What is the number of proton? and neutron in it.

(b) State the problem of atomic structure which was solved after the discovery of neutron.

8.(a)From Rutherford a - particle scattering experiment give the experimental evidence for deriving the conclusion that

(i) Most of the space inside the atom is empty

(ii) The nucleus of atom is positively charged

(b)An element has mass number 31 and atomic number 15 find

(i) The number of neutron in element

(ii) The number of electron in element

9. Write three point of difference between an atom and molecules

10. Carolus Liniaus gave the two kingdom of classification. Latter it was changed by Ernst Haikel (1894) and in 1959 , ,Whittaker gave the five kingdom classification. Do you think that studying about the work done by earlier scientists or their obsolete theories is useful for student of this generation? Give three reasons.

11.What are phanerogams? Name its two groups along with the criteria of division.

12.A man has an audible range from 20Hz to 20kHz. What are the wave lengths of sound in air corresponding to these two frequencies? (Speed of sound is 344m/s)

13.How does the sound produced by a musical instrument , reach your ears? Astronauts need radio telescope to talk to each other on moon why?

 14. (A) Name the type of energy posses by moving object?
(b) Derive the expression for this energy for an object moving with velocity v and having mass m
15.(a)Define frequency and amplitude. (b)Draw diagram to represent (i) soft sound (ii) Loud sound
16. A solid weight 75g in air and 55.6 g in water. Find the relative density of the solid. Also state if the object will float or sink when immersed in water.
17. How are cloud formed and what bring us rain.
18. Mention any three important roles of water essential for life of organism on the earth’s surface.
5 marks
19.(a)Write chemical formula of all compounds that can be formed by the combination of following ions: Ca2+ , K+ , Fe3+ , Cl-, SO42-
(b)Molar mass of nitrogen is 14u. What will be the mass of one atom of nitrogen in gram?
20. Fill in the blanks
Target organ
Mode of transmission
Fecal contamination
Contamination water
Indirect Contact
Dengue fever
Whole body

21.(a)What kind of food is advised when we fall sick and why
(b)Mention any three basic conditions required for good health.

22. Define frequency and wavelength with reference to sound. Explain what is echo . Write full form of SONAR. Give two application of Ultrasound.

23. (a) Define 1Kwh.
(b) How is the power related to the speed at which an object is lifted?
(c) if an electric iron of 1600W is used for 45 min every day , find the electric energy consumed in month of march.

24. What is meant by depletion of Ozone layer? Mention one important feature of ozone in atmosphere. Identify the factor responsible for creation of ozone hole?
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