Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Download Class-XII Biology Sample Papers for 2014-15

Download CBSE Sample Papers 20145-15 for class-12 Biology from myCBSEguide.com for free. We have added 5 solved and 5 unsolved sample papers for class-12 Biology in download section for the session 2014-15. These sample papers are prepare by our team of expert teachers.
In new question paper pattern, there are only 26 questions. Last year the number of questions in Biology board exam were 30. Thus four questions have been reduced. There will be a value based question and some application based questions. So the difficulty level will be a bit higher for students who believe in parrot learning method.
The new question paper design is good for students who have studied the topics line by line and made proper notes for each chapters.  We are adding more subjects and classes soon. Keep in touch.

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