Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Download Printable Worksheets for Class 5th Maths and Science

myCBSEguide.com has just launched a new downloadable product for class-5 Maths, Science and Social Science. It is a printable eBook with more than 250 worksheets in 560 pages. This eBook includes 179 worksheets for class-5 Mathematics and 74 worksheets for Environmental Science (Science and Social Science) with answer keys.
The worksheets are prepared as per the latest NCERT/CBSE syllabus for class-5 students. Users can purchase this E-Book from our shopping portal ElpisCart.com for Rs.100/- only (till June 30, 2014). This 100 rupees ebook includes :
(1) Class-5 Mathematics Worksheets – 179 worksheets with answer keys
(2) Class-5 Science and Social Science worksheets – 74 worksheets with answer keys
Topics included are:
Class- V (Mathematics) Class- V (Science and Social Science)
1. Number System 01 Plants and animals
2. Addition and Subtraction 02 Human Body and Health
3. Multiplication and Division 03 Natural Resources
4. LCM and FCF 04 Air Water Weather
5. Fractional Numbers 05 Light and Sound
6. Ratio and Percentage 06 Work Force and Energy
7. Decimal Numbers 07 Our Environment
8. Geometrical Shapes 08 Our Universe
9. Lines and Angles 09 Globe and Maps
10. Perimeter, Area and Volume 10 Land and People
11. Length, Mass and Capacity 11 Means of Communication
12. Speed Time and Distance 12 Means of Transport
13. Money and 13 Inventions and Discoveries
14. Patterns and Symmetry 14 Indian Government
15. Data Handling 15 How we got Independence
The worksheets compiled in this ebook are also made available for one by one free download at myCBSEguide.com. In free version, you need to download 253 worksheets one by one.

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