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Extended date for Online Registration for Proficiency Test 2014 for Class-X

iciency Test for Class-X_2014
The optional Proficiency test include benchmarking of skills and higher mental abilities of students, providing motivation to students for academic excellence in the respective subjects, providing  feedback to schools on levels of learning of their students and setting goals, priorities and targets in their  future educational plans.

A Proficiency Test measures an individual’s abilities and skills in a domain or subject to know how well he/she  has learned, understood and internalised the related concepts and principles. Such a test in language e.g. may  assess a student’s skills in reading, writing or vocabulary.

Similarly a test in Science may focus on assessing students’ abilities to apply concepts and principles to analyse a given situation, solve a given problem and  conduct practical work efficiently. A test in Mathematics may similarly assess problem solving abilities and  skills of mathematical thinking, mathematical reasoning and procedural techniques followed by students. Thus, the proposed Proficiency Test will mainly focus on assessing students’ abilities and skills to apply knowledge and understanding of any subject to new and unfamiliar everyday life situations.  

The core testing element of such a test will include observing, comparing, classifying, solving, ranslating, interpreting, analyzing, synthesising, creating, composing, deducing, justifying and judging/evaluating.  

Salient Features of the Test  
*                  It is optional in nature. Only those students who wish to take this test willingly may appear.
*               It will be conducted in the month of April, 2014 as per the following schedule.
14th April, 2014
15th April, 2014
16th April, 2014
17th April, 2014
Social Science
18th April, 2014

*      It will be conducted in all the five main subjects studied by a student in class-X. However, a student may  appear in one or more subjects depending upon his/her choice.
*      There will be a separate test in every subject one test will be held on a single day.
*      It will be a paper-pen test to be administered on the same day across all willing schools in the country.
*      Students wishing to appear in the test will be required to pay separate examination fee for the same. The  amount of fee to be paid by a student is as under:

Previous Year Papers   |   Proficiency Test
*      Students may apply for the Optional Proficiency Test through their respective schools.  

*       Registration Fees for 1 Subject is Rs. 300/-, for 2 Subject is Rs. 400/-, for 3 Subject is Rs. 500/- and for 4 or 5 Subjects is Rs. 600/-
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