Monday, December 29, 2014

for class10: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current - CBSE Board Questions

Sadhana Devi Vidyapith Assignment SA-1 + Chapter: Magnetic Effects of Electric Current                                             

Section-A [1-marks]
1. What does the direction of thumb indicate in the right-hand thumb rule?

2. What is the frequency of alternating current in India?

3. How will you use a solenoid to magnetize a steel bar?

4. An alternating electric current has a frequency of 50 Hz. How many times does it change its direction in one second?

5. Name devices which produce: (i) alternating current, (ii) direct current.

6. Name the physicist who discovered the magnetic effect of the electric current.

7. A straight copper conductor is held parallel to the axis of a freely suspended magnetic needle such that the conductor is under the needle and the current is flowing from south to north. In which direction the north of magnetic needle will move?

8. If a copper conductor carrying a current is held in north-south direction, in which direction will its magnetic field act?

9. Why does the strength of electromagnet increase, when its soft iron core is laminated?

10. Why does a conductor carrying current experiences force when held in a magnetic field at right angles to it?

Section-B [2 marks] Read full post

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