Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Format of PSA Exam Problem Solving Assessment by CBSE

CBSE conducts PSA, Problem Solving Assessment for class-9 and class-11 every year. In 2013, the exam was conducted for 90 marks (60 questions) but in 2014 onwards, it will be conducted for 60 marks (60 questions). There is no change in number of questions but the weightage of each question has been reduced to one mark each.
The question paper pattern is same for class-9 and class-11. The whole question paper can be divided in three sections as below:
Section-A Language Conventions (24 questions)
Section-B Qualitative reasoning (18 questions)
Section-C Quantitative reasoning (18 questions)
Let’s understand the these three sections in detail. First section (language conventions) comprises of 24 questions from Hindi and English. Students have to opt any one language. Second section (qualitative reasoning) has 18 questions from humanities and life skills and the third section (qualitative reasoning) have 18 questions from Mathematics, Science and Technology. These sections can be divided in three sub-sections in each case as below:
(1) Language Conventions: (24 Marks)
(a) Grammar and usages (8 marks): questions based on grammar and usages in Hindi or English
(b) Vocabulary in context (8 marks): questions based on meaning, synonyms, antonyms, spellings etc.
(c) Passage completion (8 marks): fill gap with most suitable word in the passage.
(2) Qualitative Reasoning: (18 Marks)
(a) Stand-alone MCQs (6 questions): questions on assessing generic thinking skills like coding decoding, patterns, grouping, sequencing etc.
(b) Passage based MCQs (12 questions): There will be two passages for 6 marks each to engage students in higher order thinking skills.
(3) Quantitative Reasoning (18 Marks)
(a) Stand-alone MCQs (10 questions): questions on basic mathematical concepts and practices.
(b) Passage based MCQs (8 questions): There will be two passages for 4 marks each. The passages will be based on advances of science and technology and other areas of interest.
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