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General Questions about CBSE Examination

1. What is the procedure for private candidates (appearing from Delhi region) to collect their admit card?
Intimation letters to all the private candidates appearing for class X & XII examination 2013 will be sent. Private candidates may collect their admit card from the examination centre mentioned in their intimation letter. In case intimation letter is not received, it may be printed from CBSE website www.cbse.nic.in and the Admit Card can be collected on production of the same at the examination centre.
For further queries, CBSE Regional Office at Institutional Area, I. P. Extension, Patparganj, Delhi can also be contacted during normal working hours.

2. What is the provision for private candidates to collect their Mark sheet and Certificate?
Private candidates are advised to collect their Mark sheet and Certificate from their Examination Centre.

3. Is it compulsory to pass in theory and practical exams.separately?
Yes, it is compulsory to pass separately in the subjects involving theory and practical in Class XII.

4. Is there negative marking for exceeding word limit?
No, the marks are not cut for exceeding the word limit. However, it is better to restrict to the specified word limit. This should be practiced at the time of revision, which will also help in completing the paper within the allotted time.

5. Will the examiner cut marks if the answers are not written in serial order?
No marks are cut. However, it is advised that the answers should be written in correct serial order as far as possible.

6. What is the procedure followed in marking the answers?
Each answer is divided into steps and marks are given in accordance to the weightage assigned for these steps. It is advised that a copy of Marking Scheme can be procured to get a clear idea.

7. Are the questions of Sr. Sec. Exam.strictly based on NCERT books?
NCERT books are recommended for studies as they cover the prescribed syllabus. At Sr. Sec. level there is no harm in consulting other books also.

8. Is the marking scheme given to examiners based on NCERT books? Is it sufficient to study from NCERT books?
The CBSE recommends only NCERT text books. The Marking Scheme developed by CBSE for Board Examinations aims to provide expected correct answers to the questions and marks distribution to the various parts of the answers to facilitate their objective evaluation.

9. How should the language papers be prepared so that losing marks for incorrect grammar and sentence structuring can be avoided?
Grammar and language section is a very important section in the Examination scheme of English language. Your grammar skills are tested in this section with a specific view to encourage use of correct grammar and sentence structuring. The student should practice from the work books prescribed by CBSE to hone up their grammar skills.

10. Does poor handwriting affect performance in the Board exams? What is the correct speed rate to follow?
Answers should be written in a hand which can be read easily by the examiner. Being neat and legible is important. There is no speed rate prescribed. It is better to divide time and plan answers while reading the question paper in the beginning.

11. Will a student loose marks if he/she opts for Hindi as a medium for writing +2 examinations?
No, certainly not. The Board gives option of medium to the students to answer questions in Hindi or English. The marks are deducted only in case of wrong answers.

12. If a choice is given to attempt any one of the questions in the Board exam, can we attempt both? If yes, which answer would be considered?
The instructions given in the question paper should be followed by the candidate. Attempting both the options not only takes away much of the precious time of the candidate but also confuses the examiner. So it is advised that you only attempt the option at which you feel confident.

13. If one gets good marks in the pre-boards what does it indicate? Will the marks in the Board also be good as well?
Getting good marks in the Pre-boards clearly indicates that one has prepared well. Being consistent in preparations will definitely fetch good marks in board exams as well.

14. How should one prepare for the mathematics paper to score well in it?
In Mathematics, understanding the concept is very important. If you practice without understanding the concepts, then there is a chance of you’re not doing well in the examination. You are suggested to put in a lot of practice in Mathematics but not without understanding the concepts

15. Are marks deducted for missing steps in Math?
Yes, marks are deducted for missing steps. It will be better to get a copy of the Marking Scheme to know about the weight age and steps and practice according.

16. Is a new mark sheet issued after revision?
Yes, a new mark-sheet is issued after the revision whether upward or downward. The candidate has to surrender the old marks statement. In case of change in marks, the fee is also refunded to the candidate.

17. If a candidate passes in the additional subject but fails in one of the main subjects, what will the result show?

For class XII: In respect of a candidate offering an additional subject, the following norms shall be applied:
A language offered as an additional subject may replace a language in the event of a candidate failing in the same provided after replacement the candidate has English/Hindi as one of the languages.
An elective subject offered as an additional subject may replace one of the elective subjects offered by the candidate. It may also replace a language provided after replacement the candidate has English/Hindi as one of the languages.
Additional language offered at elective level may replace an elective subject provided after replacement the number of languages offered shall not exceed two.
For class X: In respect of a candidate offering an additional subject, the following norms shall be applied:
A language offered as an additional subject may replace a language in the event of a candidate failing in the same provided after replacement the candidate has English/Hindi as one of the languages; and The replacement shall satisfy the conditions as laid down in the scheme of Studies.

18. What is the minimum Grade to qualify a subject in class X?
In class X to qualify a subject, a candidate must obtain minimum of grade D.

19. What is the procedure of appearing in additional subject in class XII?
An additional subject may be offered within 6 years of passing the examination of the Board provided the additional subject is prescribed in the Scheme of Studies. No exemption from time limit is given after six years. This facility is available at the annual examination only.
However, candidates appearing in six subjects at the Senior School Certificate (Class XII) Examination and being declared pass by virtue of replacement of subject may appear in the failing subject at the Compartment Examination to be held in July/August the same year.

20. Can a candidate simultaneously appear for Improvement as well as Additional subject examination?
No, a candidate appearing for Improvement in one or more subjects cannot appear for additional subject examination simultaneously.

21. When can I give improvement exam?
A candidate who has passed an examination of the Board may re-appear for improvement of performance in the succeeding year only. He/ She will appear as private candidate. The candidate (s) appearing for improvement of performance can appear in the subject (s) only in which they have been declared ‘pass’ and not in the subject in which they have been declared ‘fail’.

22. How many chances does a student get for Improvement of Performance (Class X) and Compartment (Class XII)?
The number of attempts for Improvement of Performance for Class X has beenreduced to one from five effective from Board in July/School by July-2013. There is a reduction in number of chances for Compartment from 5 to 3 for Class XII for Examination-2013 onwards.
However, for candidates who have appeared for the 2012 examination or before and placed in the category COMPARTMENT/ELIGIBLE FOR IMPROVEMENT OF PERFORMANCE shall get up to five chances.

23. If a student decides to drop one year, what will be the syllabus applicable for the next examination, the old or the new?
The candidate will have to study the syllabus recommended for the year in which he/she plans to give the examination.

24. Can a Student use the basic calculator in the Board Examination?
Use of calculator is not allowed in CBSE Examination.

25. Are Clark’s tables allowed in the board examinations? For which all subjects are they allowed?
Clarks Tables/Logarithmic Tables are allowed for the Board examinations in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

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