Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Improvement Examination Rules for CBSE class-12

A candidate who has passed an examination of the Board may reappear for improvement of performance in one or more subjects in the succeeding year only; however, a candidate who has passed an examination of the Board under Vocational Scheme may reappear for improvement of performance in the main examination in the succeeding year or the following year provided they have not pursued higher studies in the mean time. They will appear as private candidates. Those reappearing for the whole examination may, however, appear as regular candidates also if admitted by the school as regular students. The candidate (s) appearing for improvement of performance can appear in the subject (s) only in which they have appeared for the Examination.
For subjects involving practical work, in case the candidate has passed in practical at the main examination, she shall be allowed to appear in theory part only and marks in practical obtained at the main examination shall be carried forward and accounted for. In case a candidate has failed in practical, she shall have to appear in theory and practical both irrespective of the fact that she has already cleared the theory examination.
Candidates who appear for Improvement of Performance will be issued only Statement of Marks reflecting the marks of the improvement examination.
A candidate appearing for Improvement of Performance in one or more subjects cannot appear for additional subject simultaneously.
Candidates appearing in six subjects at the Senior School Certificate Examination having been declared ‘Pass’ by virtue of securing pass marks in five subjects as per Rule 2.2 (iv) may appear in the failing main subject at the Compartment Examination to be held in July the same year provided she had appeared at the Examination held in March in the said subject.

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