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IX CBSE - Formative Assessment-II IX Biology - Improvement in Food Resources

IX CBSE - Formative Assessment-II IX Biology - Improvement in Food Resources

IX CBSE - Formative Assessment-II [SET-1]

Q.1. What are green revolution and white revolution?

Q.2. What nutrients do the following provide:

(i) Pea (ii) Linseed (iii) Vegetables (iv) pigeon pea

(v) Wheat (vi) Castor (vii) Spices (viii) fruits.

Q.3. Differentiate between Kharif and Rabi crops.

Q.4. What is interspecific hybridization?

Q.5. How does change in maturity duration of crop help the framers?

Q.6. Categorize the following as macronutrients and micronutrients:

(i) Calcium (ii) Molybdenum (iii) Phosphorus

(iv) Iron (v) Boron (vi) Magnesium.

Q.7. What is organic farming?

Q.8. What is vermicomposting?

Q.9. Differentiate between mixed and inter cropping.

Q10. What are river lift systems?

Q.11. Why are weeds considered as unwanted plants in cultivated lands?

Q.12. In what three ways do the pests attack plants?

IX CBSE - Formative Assessment-II [SET-2]

Q.1. What qualities are expected in a cross-breed variety of fowl?

Q.2. Differentiate between capture fishing and culture fishing.

Q.3. What is composite fish culture system?

Q.4. Which Italian bee variety is used in India to yield honey?

Q.5. What is the use of Satellites and echo sounders in marine fishery?

Q.6. _________, ________ and _______ are some biotic factors responsible for storage losses.

Q.7. _________ is the scientific management of animal livestock.

Q.8. Milk-producing animals are called ________________________

Q.9. What qualities of Brown Swiss and Sahiwal are considered to use them for crossbreeding?


Value Based Questions

Q.10. Seema and her mother went to a party and were appalled by the amount of food wasted by the 
people. Sema‟s mother told her to take only that much food in her plate that she could eat. After the party 
got over, Seema‟s mother asked the host to call the local NGO that would distribute the unused food to 
poor people.

(i) State two methods to increase the production of food crops.

(ii) Why is storage of grains considered a very important aspect of agriculture?

(iii) What values are shown by Seema‟s mother?

IX Biology : Improvement in Food Resources

CBSE solved ,unsolved test papers,Notes, Assignments and Guess Papers  : First Term:  Improvement in 
Food Resources. Plant and animal breeding and selection for quality improvement and management; use of fertilizers, manures; protection from pests and diseases; organic farming.

IX- Improvement in Food Res Solved Questions
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