Wednesday, December 10, 2014

LearnNext Organizes Online GK Quiz for Classes 5th to 9th

 LearnNext, one of the key players in the field of digital education, is organizing the second edition of its National Level GK Quiz Competition for students of class 5th to 9th. Knowledge Champ GK Quiz was launched in the last academic year and witnessed grand success. This academic year LearnNext is again conducting the GK Quiz as Knowledge Champ 2 and is open for all the students from classes 5th to 9th. More than 1Lac students have already registered for the quiz. To know more about LearnNext Quiz visit quiz.learnnext.com.
Scheduled Quiz Dates:
 -          Sep 29th, 2013 : Classes 5th, 6th and 7th
–          Oct 6th, 2013: Classes 8th and 9th
How to Participate:
You can participate in the quiz online, from the comfort of your home.
Just register online (free registration) at www.learnnext.com/user/onlineQuiz.htm to participate.
Questions to be Asked
The quiz will be conducted class-wise i.e. students of same class compete against each other. The quiz will have Multiple Choice Questions based on different categories like Art and culture, Indian history, Politics, Geography, Science and technology, International events, Sports, Rewards and honors, Inventions and Famous places in India and the World.
Knowledge Champ 2 will be a timed quiz all set to test your speed to analyze and answer the questions in addition to your GK. Check out Review of Knowledge Champ 1 to browse through the questions which were asked in the last academic year’s quiz.
Prizes to be Won!
The fun doesn’t end here! There are more than 15Lacs worth of prizes to be won. LearnNext makes sure to recognize your hard work and victory with well deserving prizes. So, the top 20 winners of each class can count on prizes like Laptop, Tablets, Digital cameras, PSPs and iPod shuffles.
In fact, apart from these, there are loads of lucky draw and the consolation prizes too. You can find the entire list of prizes here.
So buckle up to run through an experience never before

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