Tuesday, December 16, 2014

List of Vocational Courses in CBSE Schools

1. Health and Beauty Studies
Beauty & Hair – II
Holistic Health- II
2. Library and Information Sciences
Library Systems and ResourceManagement
Information storage and Retrieval.
3. Transport Systems and Logistic Management
Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management II
Integrated Transport Operations
4. Bakery and Confectionery
Confectionery II
Bakery II
5. Travel and Tourism
Travel Agency and Tour Operations Business
Introduction to Hospitality Management
6. Horticulture
Any one from the following-
7. Dairy Science and Technology
a)Dairy Husbandry
i)Management ofDairy Animals
ii) Milk management and Entrepreneurship
b) Dairy Technology
i) Dairy Production Technology
ii) Milk Marketing & Entrepreneurship
8. Office secretaryship
Secretarial Practice & Accounting
Office Procedures and Practices
Office Communication
9. Stenography & Computer Application
Typography & Computer Application(English)
Typography & Computer Application (Hindi)
Office Procedures and Practices
10. Accountancy and Taxation
Financial Accounting II
Cost Accounting II
Taxation II
11. Marketing and Salesmanship
Marketing II
Salesmanship II
12. Banking & Insurance
Banking II
Insurance II
13. Electrical Technology
Electrical Machines
Electrical Appliances
14. Automobile Technology
Auto Engineering
Auto Shop Repair and Practice
15. Civil Engineering
CAD and Estimation
Construction Technology
Elementary Structure Mechanics (Optional)
16. Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – III
Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – IV
17. Electronics Technology
Digital Electronic
Communication Engineering II
18. Auxiliary Nursing & Midwifery
Community Health Nursing
Health Centre Management
19. Ophthalmic Techniques
Biology Ophthalmic (optional)
Ophthalmic Techniques
20. Medical Laboratory Technology
Laboratory Medicine(Clinical Pathology, Hematology & Histopathology)
Clinical Biochemistry
21. X-Ray Technician
Radiation Physics (optional)
Radiography I (General)
Radiography II (Special investigation, imagingand Radiography)
22. Fashion Design & Garment Technology (Any two)
Fabric Study
Basic Pattern Development
Garment Construction II
23. Textile Design Dyeing & Printing (Any two)
Printed Textile
Traditional Indian Textile
Textile Chemical Processing
24. IT Application
IT System Management
Web Applications II
25. Poultry farming
Poultry Nutrition and Physiology
Poultry Products and Technology
Poultry Disease and their control
26. Financial Market Management
Capital Market Operations
Derivative Market Operations
27.  Health Care Sciences
Health Education and Public Relations
Basic concepts of Health and Disease Medical Terminology
First Aid & Emergency Medical Care
28. Food Production
Food Production III
Food Production IV
29. Food And Beverage Services
Food Service II
Food and Beverage Cost and Control
30. Mass Media Studies & Mass Media Production
Understanding the Evolution and Forms of Mass Media
The Creative and Commercial Process in Mass Media
31. Geospatial Technology II
32. Retail
Retail Operations-II
Retail Services-II
33. Medical Diagnostics
Laboratory Medicine
Clinical Biochemistry & Microbiology
34. Foundry Technology
Foundry Technology-II
35. Front office management
36. Business Administration
Business Operations II
Business Services II
37. Music Technical Production
Music Asthetics II
Music Production II
38. Beauty Services
Nail Technology and Retail II
Arts and science of makeup and retail II
39. Design and Innovation II
40. Security II
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