Friday, December 26, 2014

MCQ based on Experiment in Lab for cbse class 9 for SA-2

Basic Guidelines for Excellence in Laboratory practices in SCIENCE (Class IX) For Laboratory Assistants

EXPERIMENT No- 1-AIM- To verify the laws of reflection of sound

EXPERIMENT No- 2-AIM- To determine the density of solid (denser than water) by using a spring balance and a measuring cylinder.

EXPERIMENT No- 3-AIM- To establish the relation between the loss in weight of a solid when fully immersed in (a) tap water (b) strongly salty water, with the weight of water displaced by it by taking at least two different solids.

EXPERIMENT No- 4-AIM- To observe and compare the pressure exerted by a solid iron cuboid on fine  and/ wheat flour while resting on its three different faces and to calculate the pressure exerted in the three different cases

EXPERIMENT No- 5-AIM- To determine the velocity of a pulse propagated through a stretched string/slinky.

EXPERIMENT No- 6-AIM- To study the characteristic of spirogyra/Agaricus, Moss/Fern, Pinus (either with male or female cone) and an Angiospermic plant. Draw and give two identifying features of groups they belong to.

EXPERIMENT No- 7-AIM- To observe and draw the given specimens-earthworm, cockroach, bony fish and bird. For each specimen record (a) one specific feature of its phylum. (b) one adaptive feature with reference to its habitat.

EXPERIMENT No- 8-AIM- To verify the law of conservation of mass in a chemical reaction.

EXPERIMENT No- 9-AIM- To study the external features of root, stem, leaf and flower of monocot and dicot plants.

EXPERIMENT No- 10-AIM- To study the life cycle of mosquito.

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