Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Physical Education Sample Paper for CBSE class-XII 2015 Exam

CBSE class-12 Sample Papers for Physical Education, examination to be held in March 2015 has been issued by CBSE as per newly introduced marking scheme and question paper pattern.
Download Physical Education Sample Paper 2015
This 3 hours question paper will have 26 questions for 70 marks. There will be 11 one mark questions, 8 three mark questions and 7 five mark questions. You will get one value base question for 3 marks in this question paper.
This year, the question paper is not divided in Sections. There are total 26 questions in without any division of sections.
Here is the value based question asked in this sample paper :
Once upon a time, during an athletic meet in stadium, 8 girls were on starting line ready for the race. With the sound of pistol, all 08 girls started running. Hardly they had covered 10 to 15 metres, when accidently one girl slipped and fell. Due to pain the girl started crying. As soon as the other 07 girls heard her cry; all of them stopped running, stood for while, turned back, and ran towards her. Suddenly, the girls returned, pacified her, joined their hands together, lifted her, walked together and reached the finishing line. The officials were shocked to see such scene and unity. Quite a many eyes were filled with tears.
Based on the passage above, answer the following questions:
  1. What values do they teach?
  2. What quality girls have shown by walking together?
  3. What was so special about the race?
You are suggested to download the complete question paper and practice similar questions.

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