Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Queries on Open Text Based Assessment (OTBA)

1. Why has OTBA been introduced in only three subjects of Class XI; Why not in all subjects?
It has been decided to introduce OTBA in Class XI in only three subjects. Based on the feedback from teachers and students, the decision to extend it to more subjects will be taken.
2. The Board has been placing more importance on assessment of higher order thinking skills. Is recalling and remembering not important for students?
The importance of recalling and remembering cannot be denied in the teaching learning process. Based on knowledge of facts, figures, events, etc., that the learner is able to further process it, derive meaningful information and apply to new situations for further enrichment and extension of his learning. Hence it is very important that knowledge of facts and events should be very integral to the teaching learning process and should be used as a base to acquire more indepth information and skills.
3. Are students allowed to carry the Open text material with them to the examination Centre? Whether questions will be based on the same text material supplied to the schools?
As specified in the Circular No. 53, the question paper in each main subject will have a separate section of 10 marks for open-text-based assessment (OTBA). The OTBA section will comprise of text material
accompanied by 2-3 questions based on that text. Hence, there is no need of carrying the Open Text material to the Examination Centre.
4. Will the questions in examination be based on the open text material supplied to students?
The questions under OTBA Section will not be directly based on the text material supplied. Rather it will test the students’ ability to apply the learnt concepts to given situation. The students will be tested on their ability to comprehend, analyze and interpret, the given situation, offer suggestions and opinions on the given issues based on their knowledge of concepts.
5. The sample questions on OTBA uploaded by the board for classes IX & XI is final or the board will again supply questions for annual examination?
The Questions given along with the Open Text Material in different subjects are only as Samples. The teachers are expected to use them as base and develop more such open ended questions for use by students. The Examination Questions will be different from the ones given as Samples.
6. The board has announced that there will be OTBA on all main subjects in class IX, but questions on Sanskrit is not there. So whether OTBA will be only on Hindi or the board will supply the same for Sanskrit also?
The OTBA has been introduced at present in the five main subjects of Secondary level, i.e., Hindi, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.
7. How should teachers take up open text material in class room situation.
The teachers should read, discuss and analyze them with respect to:
• Their objectives.
• Concepts involved
• Application of concepts to situation
• Description and further explanation of the Case/problem
• Higher Order thinking skills involved.
• Analysis with different perspectives.
They should then assign them to students in groups for further analysis and discussions.
8. How questions for the OTBA section will be supplied by the CBSE and when?
The questions for the OTBA section will be supplied by the CBSE through Integrated Test Management System (ITMS) in the months of February/March 2014.
9. Please mention the mark allotment for Geography, Biology and Economics to be conducted for the annual exam 2014.
With the inclusion of OTBA section of 10 marks the weightings of marks assigned to various units of the Geography, Biology and Economics Syllabus will proportionately reduce as shown in Circular No. Acad-78/2013 .

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