Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Question Bank Forces and Laws of motion for class 9

9tt Forces and Laws of motion
Q. 9. What do you mean by a force?
Q. 10. Give an example of a balanced force.
Q. 11. Can force change the shape of an object? Give an example to prove your point.
Q. 12. Do action and reaction force react in the same direction?
Q. 13. Why a moving ship does takes longer time as compared to a car when equal breaks are applied?
Q. 14. Why are passengers through in forward direction when a running bus stops suddenly?
Q. 15. Why do passengers tend to fall sideways when the bus takes a sharp u turn?
Q. 16. Why should a passenger hold on to prevent himself from swaying in a turning bus?
Q. 17. Why do passengers tend to fall back when it starts suddenly?
Q. 18. Why do passengers jumping out of a rapidly moving bus fall forward with his face downwards, if he does not run forward?
Q. 19. Why does a passenger jumping out of a rapidly moving bus fall forward with his face downwards?
Q. 20. Why can dust be removed by shaking it, or beating it by a carpet?
Q. 21. Why does a bullet when fired against a glass window pane make a hole in it, and the glass pane will smash it?
Q. 22. Why does an athlete take a longer jump if he comes running from a distance than when he jumps suddenly from the take-off line?
Q. 23. What happens when you shake a wet piece of cloth? Explain, why?
Q. 24. Why is it advised to tie a rope on the luggage while you travel by the bus?
Q. 25. How does a boat move forward into the water when the boatman presses one end of the pole against the ground?
Q. 26. Why is it difficult for a fireman to hose, which ejects large amount of water at a high velocity?

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