Monday, December 8, 2014

Rules for Rechecking and Revaluation for CBSE Class 12 Result

As per the new rule applicable from 2014 on wards the rechecking (verification of marks), getting photocopy of answer book and applying revaluation is now three step process. No one is allowed to jump steps or skip any step. All the steps have to be completed online. No offline application will be accepted.

First Step : Apply for rechecking (Verification of Marks i.e. re-totaling only) within a weeks from the date of declaration of result (this year 30.5.2014 to 05.06. 2014). If not satisfied with marks go to step two else exit process.

Second Step : Apply for Photocopy of answer sheet within 21 days (this year from 20.6. 2014 to 23.06.2014). If not satisfied go to step three else exit process.

Third Step : Apply for Revaluation of Marks (max 10 questions) within five weeks of declaration of result (this year 28.06.2014 to 04.7.2014).

NOTE : No one can apply for revaluation directly or can get photocopy ofanswer sheet without applying for verification of marks.

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