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Sadhana Devi Vidyapith, Samastipur CBSE Original paper:SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – I, 2013 SCIENCE Class – IX

                            Class – IX    [Code -42OCV1Q]
[Sadhana Devi Vidyapith, Samastipur] CBSE Original paper    

1. Which part of the cell in Eukaryotas organism plays an important role in cellular reproduction?[1]

2.What will be the value of “g” at the pole as compared to the value of “g” at the equator?[1]

3. Distinguish between inter varietal and interspecific hybridization of crop plants? [1]

4. Identify dispersed phase and dispersing medium I the following (a)fog and (b)Cheese[2]

5. Give one word for the following [2]

(a) Group of cells with similar structure and designed to give highest efficiency function.
(b) Process of taking up a permanent shape size and function.
(c) Animal tissue connecting muscles to bones
(d) Kidney shaped cell that enclose stomata.

6. Define uniform circular motion .draw any example related to it.[2]

7. Distinguish three states of matter with respect to following properties: [3]
(a)Density (b)Diffusion (c) Partical motion

8. (a) State the difference between pure substance and mixture giving one example of each?[3]
(b)identify homogenous mixture from the following
 (a) Brass ,(b) Smoke , (c) Tincture of Iodine and (d) Milk

9. Sanchit’s grandmother was not well . he took his grandmother to the hospital .Doctor suggested some blood test and urine test. He went to the diagnostic Labiratory with his grandmother for all these tests.[3] (a)Which technique is used in urine and blood test. 
(b)Mention value shown by Sanchit.

10.Identify the type of tissue (a) Bronchi of the lungs (b) Duct of salivary gland (c)The lining of mouth[3]

11. Answer these questions .[3]
(a)Why cell is called structural and functional unit of life?
(b) Why is plasma membrane is called selectively permeable membrane?
(c) name the factor which decides the movement of water across the plasma membrane.
12. Show that the rate of thw change in momentum of an object is the product of mass and acceleration.[3]

13. (a) Does acceleration tell us about the direction of motion?
(b) A car accelerates uniformly 2m/s to 10m/s in 8 sec. .It then slows down to a final velocity of 4m/s in 6 sec. Calculate the acceleration of car during the first 8 sec. and during last 6 sec. [3]

14. Sate the reason for: [3]
(a) When a man jump out of a boat to the bank of river, the boat moves backward
(b) All the cars are provided with seat belt
(c) It is dangerous to jump out of a moving bus.
15. For each given statement decide whether the statement is refferin distance or displacement.Explain your answer. [3]
(a) How far is your house from school by car?
(b) How far it is from Mumbai to Goa by airplane
(c) The length of Jhelum River?

16.Give two example of fodder crops raised as food for the livestock.
(b) State ant two advantage of using manure

17. “There has been a 4 times increase in the production of food grain from 1960 t0 2004 with only 25% increase in cultivatable land” Mention the step under taken by farmer to achieve this success. [3]

18. Mention three ways that are followed to prevent the weeds in crop field.[3]

19. (a) Describe an activity with diagram to illustrate that no change in temperature takes place when a liquid convert into vapour.
(b)Mention two difference between evaporation and boiling. [5]

20. Difrentiate between physical and chemical change and classify following into physical and chemical change
(a) water freezes into form ice [5]
(b) Sugar dissolving in water
(c) Burning of paper

21. (i) Define tissue .What is the utility of tissue in multicellular organism?
(ii) Are plants and animal made up of the same type of tissue ? If no write three poit of difference. [5]

22. Draw velocity - time graph and prove that v = u + at . A body moving with a velocity of 2 m/s acquire velocity of 10m/s in 5 sec. Find its acceleration[5]

23. (a) newtons first law of motion is also called law of inertia ? Justify this statements.
(b) A plastic and a cricket ball are rolled on a floor with same velocity which one wil cover larger distance before stoping? Give reason.
(c) A truck of mass 1200kg is moving with velocity 72 m/h and it takes 3 sec to stop after breakes are applied .Calculate the force exerted by brakes. [5]

24. Mentin and explain two fress initiative for increasing the water available for agriculter.(b) Explain these term (i) Compost and (ii) green manure [5]

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