Sunday, December 21, 2014

Stop ‘teaching to the test’ says CBSE Chairman

the board has decided to discontinue the practice of providing blue print, sample question papers and marking schemes in classes IX and X with effect from Summative Assessment-II (SA-II ) of 2012-13 as the release of blue prints and the sample question papers indirectly promotes teaching to the test.
The weightings in the revised format will be assigned to entire units as mentioned in the curriculum as an alternative of chapter wise weighting given earlier. There will be a more flexible design or structure of assessment instead of a detailed blue print, which used to divide the curriculum into exceedingly narrower parts. The SA-II , which will be held in March 2013, will not be based on blue prints and sample questions papers and will rather follow a more comprehensive structure of examination and flexible patterns.
The structure of examination along with unit wise weighting for English, Hindi, Sanskrit, mathematics , science and social science together with pools of exemplar items will be shortly available on the academic websites of CBSE (www.cbseacademic .in), http://mycbseguide.com  and will also be circulated to all the schools affiliated to the board.

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