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[Holy Mission School, Laheriasarai Darbhanga]       
1. The power rating of an appliances is 100W -250W.What does it indicate. [1]
2. What is meant by tropic movement?[1]
3.Write the name of the substance whose vapor is used to run  the turbine of the generator of ocean thermal energy?[1]
4. What happen when CO2 is bubbled through lime water (i)in small amount (ii) in excess [2]
5.Out of the two metal P and Q . P is less reactive than Q. Suggest an activity to arrange these metal in the order of their decreasing reactivity. Support your answer with suitable chemical equation?[2]
6.Draw a diagram to show the magnetic field line of the field produced by a current carrying circular loop. Indicate the point where the magnetic field will be strongest.[2]
7. The long electric cable carrying current to the bulb do not glow while  filament of bulb glow. Justify this statement with reason?[2]
8. Complete and balance the equations[3]
(i) Ca(OH)2 + Cl2 -à
(ii) CaSO4 .1/2 H2O  + H2O --à
(iii) Na2CO3 .10H2O  ---air----à
9. Balance these equations[3]
a. MnO2 + HCL ---à MnCl2 + H2O + Cl2
b. BaCl2 + Al2(SO4)3 -------à BaSO4 + AlCl3
c. Fe+H2O --à Fe3O4 + H2
10. A compound  P  forms enamel of teeth. It is the hardest substance of the body .it does not dissolve in water but get corroded  when PH lower below 5.5 (a) identify the compound “p”(b) How does it under go damage due to eating chocolate and sweet ? what should we do to prevent tooth decay? [3]
11. Account for the following (a) Fe is the most widely used  metal is never used in  its pure form.[3]
(b) Na kept in kerosene oil
(c) H2 is not evolved a metal react with nitric acids (except mg and Mn)
12. Resistance of t metal wire of length 1m is 26 ohm at 200C. If the diameter of wire is 0.3 mm,find the resistivity of the metal at this temperature?
13. Define frequency of AC. Mention the frequency  and voltage of A.C In  India . How many times current changes direction in one second in our domestic supply.[3]
14. Two conductors are made up of same material and have the same length .Conductor A is a solid wire of dimeter 2 mm. Conductor B is hollow tube of inner and outer dimeter 2 mm and 4mm. Calculate ratio of resistance of the solid wire to the hollow wire? [3]
15. (a) What is peristalatic movement?
(b) “Stomata remain  closed in desert plants during day time” how do they  do photosynthesis?[3]         
16.Diffrentiate between nervous control and chemical control?[3]
17.The deficiency of this harmone in body causes a particular diseases in which the blood sugar level rises.[3]
(a) Name the gland and harmone secrete by it?
(b) Mention the role played by this harmone

(c) name the diseases caused by deficiency of this harmones
18.List three distinguish feature between fossile fuel and solar energy?[3]
19. An NGO is opposing construction of dam on a river flowing through a number of villages and forest for the “purpose: of generating electricity while the government was insisting that it would being a number of benefits for villagers once the project gets completed[5]
(a) Describe the value exhibited by NGO
(b) Explain any two concern of NGO due to which it is opposing construction of dam.
20. What is thermite reaction? Write a chemical equation for thermite reaction .state two categories in which you can classify this reaction. For wahat this reaction is used and why? [5]
21. Two test tube A and b are taken and zink granual are added to it . HCl is added to test tube A and CH3COOH to test tube B in equal amounts and of same concentration [5]
(i) Identify the test tube showing vigorous reaction. Give reason ?
(ii) Name gas librated .how will you  identify librated gas
(iii) Write the chemical equation for reaction in both case and balance it
(iv) What will happen if instead of HCL, HNo3 is added to zinc.
22. (a) define electrical resistance of conductor? [5]
(b) List two factor on which resistance of conductor depends.
(c) Resistance of a metal wire of length 1m is 1Ω at 200C. if the diameter of wire is 0.15mm ,find the resistivity of metal at that temperature
23. Define resistance of conductor? State the  factor on which resistance of conductor depends.Name the device which is often used to change resistance without changing the voltage source .Calculate the resistance of 50m length of wire of cross section area 0.01 square mm and resistivity 5 x 10-8 Ωm.[5]
24.(a) Draw a wll labeled diagram of the structure and functional unit of  kidney.  [5]
 (b) Explain the mechanism of the urine formation?
Fore more papers visit          Sample paper [13-14]

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