Monday, December 8, 2014

Summative Assessment II Sample Papers Available From March ON CBSE WEBSITE

Summative Assessment II CBSE official Sample Papers Available for Student From March 2014 
The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) recently announced that it will make available for download the question papers for Summative Assessment Examination two (SA II) from March first week onwards. The SA II is mainly the final examination for the students of class IX and X who have opted for the CBSE’s Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation (CCE) scheme.
The students who have opted for the regular board exams can rest assured of won’t be affected by the same at all as the date sheet for SA II and the board exams is totally different.
The board is putting major part of its processes online to make everything secured and expedited. The online portal of the board is called CBSE Integrated Test Management System (CBSE-ITMS) which banks more than one lakh questions and offers two unique sets of question papers for each subject.
The students will be able to download the SA II from March 3rd, to be conducted from March 10th. The schools will be provided with the marking scheme by the board from March 17th. Further, the CBSE-ITMS makes sure that each school across the country has a distinguished question paper and as it is an online process, the risk on paper getting leaked is minimized greatly.
With the question papers ready at hand, the schools will be having three options: 1. any one of the two sets can be picked by the school, where it can administer the SA II; 2. the schools can create a new question paper by mixing questions from the two sets; 3. a school may also prepare its own question paper as per the guidelines given by the board.
If the schools opt to create their own question paper, they need to email a copy of the same to the CBSE Board within a week of the exam date for verification and quality control check. The board has also given leverage to the schools to create their owndate sheet for SA II, as a result it is important to deliver the question paper online.
However, according to a circular issued by the Board, the schools are supported in generating question papers online in certain chief subjects only like English Literature and Language, English Communicative, Hindi Course A & B, Science,Mathematics, Communicative Sanskrit and Social Science.

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