Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Top tips to help you excel in Class 10th Social Studies

Social studies is a subject which is generally considered to be extremely boring by students. Cramming facts, dates and revolutions is not everybody’s cup of tea. Memorizing is also an art which is extremely important especially for those sitting for their class 10 boards. There are certain topics in history, geography and political science which are quite interesting and are based on understanding skills. But majority of the students try to mug up all the topics and hence the result is they end up retaining only half the information.
Social studies is full of life but there’s a different way of dealing with the subject. Chapters in civics are quite interesting and are based on understanding the intricacies of concepts.
We list below certain tips which can help you fetch excellent scores in your CBSE class 10 exam:
  • Start preparing early so that you get time to revise the concepts.
  • While going through the chapters, keep preparing flash cards for the important dates and facts. These prove fruitful in times of revision.
  • While learning long answers, try to form a link between the different events. Try to relate the concepts by asking yourself questions like what happened after this and why.
  • Try to memorize the long answers in the form of points instead of paragraphs.
  • Remembering the timelines is extremely important in history. You cannot expect to good scores without mentioning the timelines.
  • Good writing skills can help you in impressing the examiner and fetch you excellent scores.
  • Long answers should be structures well so that they don’t look disorganized or haphazard.
  • Practice several class 10 sample papers in order to get acquainted with the kind of questions asked in the exam.
  • Try to understand the facts instead of cramming them. Understanding can help in them for longer durations.
  • Try to relate the concepts with the real life events.
  • Just go through the entire paper once while sitting for the class 10 board exams. But students are advised not to get panicky on seeing the paper.
  • Always attempt the short questions first. The lengthy questions should be attended at the end.
  • In case you forget some answer do not waste time on that question and move to the other questions.
  • Take out some time for revising the paper. Revision helps in filling up the loopholes and improving the things you might have missed.
  • In case you have sufficient time during the exam, highlight all the headings and important points. Apt headings can fetch you excellent scores as majority of the examiners tend to ignore the explanation part and grant marks on the basis of headings.
  • Work on your speed and try to maintain your speed in such a way that you are able to attempt the entire paper.
  • Do not leave any question as even if you write some related facts which are not exactly the answer to the asked question can fetch you marks.
Have a positive attitude and work hard. Following these tips can help you in befriending the challenging subject called social science.
All the best!

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