Monday, December 8, 2014

Tricks to excell in CBSE Class 10th Social Science

As CBSE Class 10th Social Science exam approaches studying strategies are needed more than ever. Social Science is thought of as one of the most boring subjects. While in class X the benefits of studying social sciences may not be apparent to you, rest assured there are definitely many benefits. History, Geography, Political Science and Economics, whichever may be your most favorite or least favored, the time has come to study! Here are some tips!
Term II
-India and the Contemporary World II (History) 23 marks
Nationalism in Europe 
Nationalist Movement in Indo China
Nationalism in India
Map work
-India - Resources and their Development (Geography) 23 marks
Mineral Resources
Power Resources
Manufacturing Industries
Transport, communication and trade
Map Work (3 marks)
-Democratic Politics II (Political Science) 22 marks
Competition and contestations in Democracy
Outcomes of Democracy
Challenges to Democracy
-Understanding Economic Development II (Economics) 22 marks
Money and Credit
Consumer Awareness

Total marks: 90

-Read the course once without trying to remember it, just read like you would read the newspaper and try to understand it
-Prioritize your subjects and topics according to marks weight-age and easy and difficult chapters, use this list to create a practical study schedule
-Take notes for specific points you feel are important and you are likely to forget, in addition to school notes
-Create a chart with important dates, flip through it often and you will find that you are able to easily remember the dates
-Study subject-wise rather than from all topics combined; they were separated for a reason
-Use flash cards for definitions
-Also make flash cards for various history events; flash cards help for fun and quick revision
-Practice map work by tracing the important locations you want to remember, then try locating on a blank map
-Understand economics and political science, its better than to try to memorize
-Solve previous year papers/ sample papers to practice writing within word limits 
-Keep at least one month for revision
-Use mnemonics to remember details

Although social science may seem dull, use study tools to make it fun. Flash cards, timelines, colorful charts and funny mnemonics can help you study in addition to textbook and notes reading. In 10th class either your social sciences studies are beginning or ending, in any case happy studying and all the best!

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