Sunday, January 11, 2015

CBSE Class 10th Assignment-Term-II 2012 Physics,chemistry,Biology

How do organisms reproduce?
Q.1) What is the role of placenta? (2)
Q.2) How does binary fission different from multiple fission? (2)
Q.3) What is fertilization? Name the site of fertilization in humans. (2)
Q.4) Differentiate b/w self pollination and cross pollination? (2)
Q.5) define STD. Name any three STD’s. Which leads to weakening of immune system?(2)
Q.6) How does embryo get nourishment? (2)
Q.7) Define puberty. Mention any 2 changes occur in male & female during puberty. (2)
Q.8) What is reproduction? Mention the importance of DNA copying in reproduction. (2)
Q.9) In human body what is the role of (a) seminal vesicles and (b) prostate gland. (2)
Q.10) Draw a labeled diagram showing binary fission in Amoeba. (2)
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