Monday, January 19, 2015

CBSE: Field trips to make history teaching interesting for students

In attempt to make learning history more interesting, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has directed schools affiliated it to connect students with historical facts and figure by carrying out several outdoor trips and history-based projects. Students will be awarded 20 marks for participating in these activities.

This initiative has been suggested by CBSE’s chairman Vineet Joshi and would be incorporated in the syllabus from new academic session. The schools would try innovative tricks to develop interest in the subject by organising outdoor and indoor activities.

"The new activities are designed to introduce students to important historical facts and figures in a very attractive way. The outdoor activities by the schools expose the students to the process of writing histories. It would make them understand how historians choose and assemble different evidences," said a CBSE official.

CBSE affiliated schools have been asked to hold 10 classes for such activities which include going out to museum, historical monuments and other places of historical importance. "Apart from outdoor activities these students in a small groups would be asked to hold special assignments and projects related to the subject," he added.

Activities would be developed in an interesting way that would inform students how historians follow the trail that leads them to the past, and how historical knowledge develops. And how they discover the relationship between different methods of enquiry within history and allied disciplines.

"Marks secured by the students in these special assignments and projects would be included in their aggregate score by the end of the year," he said.

Over all the course would provide a detailed overview of the events, issues and processes under discussion; a summary of the present state of research on the theme, an account of how knowledge about the theme has been acquired and explaining how it has been used by historians.

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