Friday, January 23, 2015

CBSE includes new games annual sports meet

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has included new games for its 2014-15 annual sports competition and also doubled its annual sport fee that it charges the schools. The CBSE Inter School Sports & Games Competitions (CBSE-ISSGC) is a major event in which all affiliated schools participate. Wushu, a Chinese martial art, is the latest entrant along with archery, gymnastics and rifle shooting. Citing price rise the board has also doubled the mandatory fee which the schools pay annually to Rs10,000.

For the new game additions, during the first year at least, the competitions will be held directly at national level. The rules and regulations pertaining to these disciplines would be soon available on the board’s website. The CBSE-ISSGC is managed in a professional manner with various initiatives being taken by the Board to keep the event relevant. Every school has to pay an annual sports fee, which currently is Rs10,000 to fund this major event. The CBSE-ISSGC is board’s self-financed educational activity and organized out of the annual sports fee contribution received from its independent category of schools. The fee has to be deposited at the respective CBSE regional offices along with the list of candidates ( LOC). The board has reminded the schools that no other mode of payment shall be accepted.

The board’s circular mentions that "CBSE stands out as the only educational board which organizes competitions in different disciplines that contribute to make their students a fitter and a better human being". Currently these competitions are held in as many as 20 disciplines with over 1.5 lakh participating each year. "For bringing in further transparency into the prevailing sporting system, the Board has already developed the physical education; sports & games portal on its website and includes the complete information on CBSE-ISSGC" the circular added.

The board uses the funds to provide competition organizing schools with equipments, medals, certificates, scholarship under Chacha Nehru Sports Award and cash needed to host the event.

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