Friday, January 23, 2015

CBSE is planning to set up a regional centre in West Asia

Central Board of Secondary Education is planning to set up a regional centre in West Asia to cater to the needs of around 150 schools in the region, Union minister of state for human resources development Shashi Tharoor said here. 

In a statement, Tharoor said there were around 150 CBSE schools in the Gulf region and a majority of them were run by Keralites and for administrative matters officials of CBSE schools now had to go to Delhi. 

"The proposed regional centre in the Gulf would begin to function within the next two months which will solve the problem faced by the school managements," he said. 

Tharoor said the Centre had the full authority over CBSE schools and the term ’appropriate government’ mentioned in the Right to Education Act meant the Central government in case of schools affiliated to the CBSE. 

CBSE schools in the state had recently sought a clarification from the Centre whether the state or Central government had power over the functioning and selection of syllabi of CBSE schools.

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