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IX Physics + Chemistry Sample Paper(Science Question paper for SA 1)

Class IX Physics + Chemistry First Term Examination 2012-2013
General Instructions:- Time- 2 hrs        MM: 50
1. Question 1 to 10very short answer questions of 1 mark each
2. Question no 11 to 16 are short answer questions of 2 marks each
3. Question no 17 to 22 are also short answer question carrying 3marks each
4. Question no 23 and 24 are long answer question carrying 5 marks.
1. What is the name given to the material which makes everything in the universe, in and Around us?
2. What do you mean by the term ‘Pure substance’?
3. What does odometer of an automobile measure?
4. Which has more inertia - A bicycle or a train?
5. Define sublimation.
6. What is the nature of distance time graph for uniform motion of an object?
7. What is the acceleration of free fall?
8. Define acceleration? Give its units.
9. Zinc is present in the laboratory in the form of (a) fillings (b) granules(c) ribbon(d) powder
10. Magnesium is present in the laboratory in the form of (a) Fillings (b) granules(c) ribbon (d) powder
11. Classify the following as chemical or Physical Change
A. Cutting of tree B. Rusting of Iron C. Melting of Ice D. Burning of coal
12. A racing car has uniform acceleration of 4m/s2. What distance will it cover in 10 seconds after if start.
13. If action and reaction are equal and opposite than why can’t they cancel each other?
14. Explain why some of the leaves may get detached from tree if we vigorously shake its branch.
15. Name the technique to separate (i) butter from curd (ii) camphor from salt.
16. What produces more severe burn boiling water or steam and why?
17. Write the steps you would use for making tea use the words solute, solvent, solution, soluble, insoluble and filtrate
18. What is displacement? An athlete completes 1 round of circular track of radius 105 m in 40 sec. What will be the distance covered and the displacement after 1 min 20 sec.
19. State Newton’s universal law of gravitation. Deduce it mathematically.
20. A stone is released from the top of a tower of a height 19.6 m. Calculate its final velocity just before touching the ground.
21. Define suspension. Write two properties of each giving examples
22. State Newton’s second law of motion. How it can be used to define the unit of force.
23. How can we separate a mixture of two immiscible liquids? Draw a labeled diagram of the apparatus used.
a) List the differences in the states of matter ( Any three)
b) List the factors which affect the rate of evaporation.
24.(a) Define terms : Fusion, latent heat of fusion, boiling point, latent heat of vaporization
(b) Give two examples each 1. Aerosol .2. Emulsion. 3. Gel
A stone is dropped from the edge of a roof .How long does it take to fall 4.9m?How fast does it move at the end of that fall ? How does it move at the end of 7.9m? What is its acceleration after 1 second and after 2 second?
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