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SBI PO 2014: English Language sample questions

For the recruitment to 1837 posts of Probationary Officer, country's largest bank, State Bank of India (SBI) will be conducting its competitive exam on June 14, 2014. The exam will be having two parts, Part A will contain objective type questions and Part B will be a descriptive type exam. The objective type Paper A consists of 4 sections with 50 questions each (1 mark for each question): Reasoning, Data Analysis and Interpretation, General Awareness, Marketing and Computers and English Language.

To score well in the exam, candidates need to solve as many sample question papers as possible. The following sample questions have been provided by SBI for the PO 2014 recruitment exam.

Don't forget to check your answers at the end!


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English Language:

This is a test to see how well you know English. Your English language ability would be tested through questions on grammar, vocabulary, sentence completion, synonyms, antonyms, comprehension of a passage, etc. Study and answer the sample questions given below:

DIRECTIONS FOR QUESTIONS 1,2,3: Pick out the most appropriate word from amongst the words given below each sentence to complete it meaningfully.

Q.1. He quickly glanced .............................. the book to find what it said about the Indian economy.
(1) at (2) through (3) in (4) to (5) over

Q.2. The counsel urged the court to ........................... down the obnoxious law.
(1) enact (2) enforce (3) cancel (4) strike (5) declare

Q.3. The local official ........................... the Minister of the situation.
(1) explained (2) warned (3) apprised (4) told (5) intimated

DIRECTIONS FOR QUESTIONS 4,5,6: Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part of the sentence is your answer. If there is no error, the answer is (5).

Q.4. I am twenty / two years old / when I first / joined the bank. No error
(1)                       (2)                      (3)                        (4)                   (5)

Q.5. To the Hindus / the Ganga is / holier than / any other river. No error
(1)                       (2)                    (3)                       (4)                     (5)

Q.6. Of all the teachers / in our school / our class teacher / were very strict. No error
(1)                             (2)                          (3)                            (4)                   (5)

DIRECTIONS FOR QUESTIONS 7,8,9: In each of the following questions, select from amongst the five alternatives, the word nearest in meaning to the word given in capitals.

(1) light (2) dangerous (3) deadly (4) cruel (5) thoughtless

(1) a guard (2) a hundred years (3) a very old man (4) hundred runs (5) hundredth anniversary

(1) conquer (2) smash (3) earn (4) brave (5) capture

DIRECTIONS FOR QUESTIONS 10,11,12: In each of the following questions, select from amongst the five alternatives, the word most opposite in meaning of the word given in capitals.

(1) simple (2) weak (3) dull (4) angry (5) moron

(1) adequate (2) available (3) sluggish (4) negligent (5) intentional

(1) accurate (2) skilful (3) sensible (4) artistic (5) apt


Question 1 Answer 2
Question 2 Answer 4
Question 3 Answer 3
Question 4 Answer 1
Question 5 Answer 5
Question 6 Answer 4
Question 7 Answer 3
Question 8 Answer 5
Question 9 Answer 1
Question 10 Answer 5
Question 11 Answer 5
Question 12 Answer 2

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