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CBSE Class 09 Question Bank – Download PDFs

CBSE 09th Class Question Bank- The question paper bank for class 09th available on the official website. You can directly download it from the given below link. Central Board of Secondary Education releases in the pdf format on the official site. It helps the students for the preparation of examination perspective. The CBSE question bank is in the proper format as well as is one-directional. It is advisable for the candidates to solve the CBSE 09th Class Question Bank once they have completed their syllabus. Question Bank consists of multiple sets of sample papers or questions set. Once you have solved all of them you may get an idea of the exam pattern. All details are given below.

CBSE 09th Class Question Bank

Class 09th Question Bank has been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education. Candidates can check the Question Bank from the Official Website of CBSE. A direct link to download the Question Bank for all the subjects of class 09th is given here-

Characteristics of Question Bank

The characteristics of the question bank are as given here-

  • It should be based on sound ideas, purposes and adapted to the particular objective of the mind.
  • It should be within the range of the student’s experience and knowledge.
  • It is based on actions.
  • Question Bank should present a challenge that stimulates an educative response in keeping with the objectives.
  • It contains the records of any number of questions with their answers in all the essential languages.

Purposes of Question Banks

The purpose of CBSE Question Bank is as given below-

  • It improves the teaching-learning process.
  • To improve the evaluation process.
  • It is the group of the readymade quality question is made available to teachers and examiners. So that they may select appropriate questions to assess predetermined objectives.


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