Monday, December 22, 2014

CBSE Says No to External Board Exam for Class X in 2013

CBSE is not going to conduct an external examination for class 10 students from March 2013 onwards. The students studying in class 10 in the academic session 2012-13 will have to sit in school based internal examination only.
The continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) was introduced by the CBSE last year, which made the board examinations optional. This was a move to unburden students from board exam pressure. It also had an option for students to choose among school based programme or board exams. However, from 2012-13, the CBSE has decided to completely replace board exams with school based exams by making it compulsory for all.
Astonishingly, very few students opted for the school-based examinations conducted in March 2011. More than 90% students in Andhra Pradesh opted for Board exams. At the national level as well, the response was very poor. Around 6 lakh students opted for Board exams out of a total of 9 lakh.
The reason behind this poor response was the apprehensions among parents and students regarding the credibility of school exams compared to those conducted by CBSE. However, this year with about 40% students in Andhra opting for school-based exams, the response has been definitely better.
A senior CBSE official said that they will analyze the result of both school-based and board exams for the year 2012 and post the same on their website. This will help students, parents and school managements to observe the difference and the pass percentages between these exams. He further mentioned that there was not much difference in the pass percentages, last year too.
CBSE will randomly verify evaluated answer sheets, to ensure that evaluation has been fair. And it has also decided to supply question papers for school-based exams and only the evaluation part will be done at school-level.

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